Patrick Sirois president
Patrick Sirois, B. eng., MBA.


Founder and President of Triode, Patrick is a passionate entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in innovation and project management. Seasoned speaker and coach with young entrepreneurs, he makes it a duty to share the many experiences that have marked his professionnal career.

He oversees marketing and business development.

Nicolas Cantin VPStr
Nicolas Cantin

VP Strategy

Vice President and Partner of Triode, Nicolas has a broad experience in product development and a strategic vision that allows him to lead complex and large-scale projects. Results-oriented, his interventions are marked by the great attention he pays to customer experience.

He oversees Product Strategy and Product Development.

Sebastien Marcoux VPops
Sébastien Marcoux, B. eng., MBA

VP Operations

Vice President and Partner of Triode, Sebastien has extensive experience in project management and product development. Privileging a coaching approach, he directs each of his interventions towards a single objective: maximizing the value for his customer.

He oversees business operations as well as project management training, coaching and consulting.