We often talk about entrepreneurial failures and why the vast majority of new products are flops. But this time we are witnessing success. What happens when you put together all the key elements for a successful product launch?
Recently, the company Prevost announced electronic side mirrors: the eMirrors. The eMirrors system consists of cameras and displays to replace traditional mirrors and offers a much wider field of vision, as well as improved visibility at night.
Prevost did not want to neglect any stage of the development by working in collaboration with us in order to build a complete analysis of the feasibility of the project, conduct a preliminary study with their customers, build a solid business plan and effectively coordinate the entire project. work team.
When we do not neglect any development step and call on project management experts (our sales pitch!), especially in complex and regulated environments, we greatly promote our success.
Let's make you next innovation initiative a success! 
Patrick sirois
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