Our colleague, Roch Lemay, is presenting a conference at the PMI Lévis-Québec Symposium to be held on April 20 and 21, 2020 in Quebec City. Roch chose to draw a parallel between project management and judo for his conference. An accomplished athlete, Roch presents project management from an unexplored perspective to date. This conference promises to be refreshing!

Tokui Waza and Project Management: Develop your own judo-inspired management system.

Having converted his experiences as an international application engineer to project management, Roch Lemay shares a reflection on the parallel between the development of a judo attack system and the development of a system of reference tools as a project manager.

A judoka must develop different facets of his judo to be able to quickly adjust to his opponent in a combat situation. To be effective, this development must be customized with natural skills in mind. Although the project manager is not in a combat situation, he too must face adversity and adjust quickly to the challenges presented during a project. Mr. Lemay suggests that we review the development of a project manager and his strategies from the perspective of a management system inspired by judo.

The aim of this workshop is to propose a new approach to revise its project management strategy. This is not a question of reinventing the wheel, but of allowing a self-assessment of its skills and tools in a different and unique way.

For more information on the PMI Lévis-Québec conference: https://colloque.pmiquebec.qc.ca/conferences-et-conferenciers/
To follow Roch on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/roch-l-a6371988/

Team Triode