2019 was the year of new technology merging together to create all new opportunities.

Ever heard about cobots? It's a short for collaborative robots designed to collaboratively work alongside human with a gentle touch, i.e., to not smash fingers or step on the toes of their work buddies. Doing so requires that cobots be much more aware of their location in relation to the humans, via sensing and perception technologies. To achieve this goal, one company, Veo Robotics, uses a variety of 3D sensors placed around the robot's workcell to aid in location awareness. The company’s sensors add an extra measure of safety by automatically slowing down the movement of the industrial cobots whenever a human co-worker comes close.

To help supplement actual human activity, cobots are becoming more dexterous and moving beyond merely picking components on an assembly line. Robots need greater dexterity to pick up objects that have moved even slightly beyond their programmed parameters. Cobots cannot yet grasp any object just by looking at it, but they can now learn to manipulate an object on their own. 

An example of cobot application: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9vcO0pBaio

The complete article from DesignNews can be read here: https://www.designnews.com/iot/9-most-disruptive-tech-trends-2019/49614192462009?ADTRK=InformaMarkets&elq_mid=11472&elq_cid=1075674

May these technologies stimulate your imagination! 


Team Triode