In growth we trust! And we believe customer insights unlock new paths to growth. Triode Product Strategy service is about finding the underlying triggers that influence your customers to consider your product and service and buy from you.

The most effective way to build a project is to understand the needs of your customers early on.

Whether you are in the design phase, conducting a feasibility analysis, or in the middle of product development, we work with you to involve customers and improve your outcomes.

How we work

If you are like most leaders, you are seeking to connect with customer who have a problem you can solve. Triode Product Strategy is about finding more opportunities for you and help you capture that value.

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Identify opportunities



Opportunity identification report (at least 3 accessible market opportunities)

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Qualify opportunities



Customer needs analysis report

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Evaluate opportunities



Product Roadmap, Product Plan


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Design Thinker: Experience Innovation

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DesignThinker 2
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Four hours that could change your life!

Alison Drewell, VP Retail, VF Corporation

In today’s economy, innovation is as essential as it is difficult.

Corporate cultures capable of “inventing the future” are rare, but the emerging discipline of design thinking - honed by the celebrated innovation consultancy IDEO - provides people with the tools and techniques to think differently, see new opportunities, and create innovative solutions with impact.

Mastering design thinking requires practice. And regardless of role or level in an organization, one’s journey should start with Design Thinker, an expert-guided innovation simulation that reveals the fundamentals of IDEO’s approach. Based on ExperiencePoint’s awardwinning platform, Design Thinker builds innovation confidence and competence.


Four months in four hours.

In Design Thinker, people work in teams to tackle a realistic innovation project. By stepping through the Design Thinking Innovation Process and stripping away the superfluous, the simulation delivers the essentials of a four-month innovation journey in a half day workshop.

Screw up royally, no one gets hurt.

Because design thinking isn’t like traditional problem solving, it’s natural for people to trip up early and often. Design Thinker offers the right amount of safety - immediate feedback for learning purposes, without real jobs or company resources at stake.

Focus on what matters.

With an expert leading competing teams through the process, design thinking techniques are introduced and explored as needed. Questions are addressed in the moment. And points are allocated to focus attention on key, counter-intuitive innovation concepts and behaviors.


How can Triode help me understand my market needs?

Triode allows you to evaluate your strenghts, and understand the competitive environment and emerging trends. A market starts with a customer purchasing your products or services. That is why your clients are our central focus. We are generators of ideas. We put creativity and professionalism at the forefront and help you deploy profitable solutions.

How can I improve the performance of my product launches?

First of all, the success of your product development is based on a customer who is willing to pay. No one but the customer is best positioned to state the strenghts and weaknesses of the products that he or she uses. Hence, Triode gets out in the field, listens to the users, understands them and experiences their reality. The information gathered is the fuel for market-driven innovation and creativity, both essential to the development of profitable products and services.

Do you need to know the facts?

Triode provides you with a 90 degree view. Our interventions in various domains, our trend analysis supported by a global network of more than 10,000 individuals allow us to provide you with a real insight!

How do you validate the profitability of your company's projects ideas ?

First and foremost, you must never fall in love with your idea or project. An external and detached viewpoint will help you see more clearly and avoid the "why not's". Analysis should not only include the financial aspect, but also an estimation of the demand and your ability to supply it and to assume the project's risks.