How can Triode help my company grow ?

Unlike you, we have an emotional detachment when it comes to your company. Therefore, we won't tell you what you want to hear, but rather what you NEED to hear.

How should our product lines evolve ?

For more than 10 years, Triode has been helping clients create new products. Our approach is based on understanding customer needs, the reality of your target market and your business case.

How can Triode help me take control of all of my projects ?

Whether it is for $1 million or $100 million project, we help you regain control. Bringing your project back on track generally involves looking at four fundamentals that were neglected when the projects was launched or during the project steering process.

How can Triode validate the profitability of the company's project ideas ?

We always have more ideas than resources! The key? Focusing on the RIGHT projects and DELIVERING them! Cleaning-up your project portfolio, balancing and prioritizing... these are the steps that lead to solutions.

Do you need to know the facts ?

Triode brings you a 90-degree view. Thanks to our involvement in a variety of fields and our ability to analyze trends using our global network of more than 10,000 individuals, we can truly provide you with the insights you need!