Our case



At Triode, we specialize in the management of innovative and complex projects. We know that the unexpected can happen and that key members of the team must be temporarily absent. This is what happened recently for one of our clients, who needed our help to ensure the continuity of a project of a project manager who had gone on maternity leave.

Steps taken with Triode

Our strategy was to understand the processes in place to move the project forward while keeping the focus on the time constraint. We have therefore taken up the specifications, the technical specifications and the expected deliverables. We have also established regular communication with the client and other stakeholders to keep them informed of the progress of the project and to resolve any issues.


Thanks to our expertise and our agile methodology, we managed to provide a functional alpha prototype that was tested on a client site to confirm assumptions and collect feedback for future improvements. The client was satisfied with the result and appreciated our professionalism and responsiveness.


The experience of the project manager was beneficial for a quick and efficient management of the project with a minimum of supervision on my part. Easy to approach and very friendly personality who quickly took his place in the work team.