An innovation must bring value. In other words, it must solve a problem. It can either solve a new problem that you have discovered or solve an existing problem in a new way. In any case, the key is to discover a problem or an original way of solving it!

The best way to innovate is to gain perspective on customer needs...we are talking “insight.

The catalyst for an insight is a surprise ... you know the moment when we say aha I did not notice this detail before…” Or “aha here is a problem that our uses experience every day”.

In other circumstances, it may be the moment when we discover that we can eliminate a step in the customer experience or a feature of the product without impacting satisfaction nor sales performance.

In short, an insight is a aha moment!

That's what led Steve Jobs to create iTunes when he noticed the challenges of discovering, storing, and playing mp3 files.

After noticing how difficult it was to create an online store, few Ottawa entrepreneurs got the idea to create Shopify, now a popular platform among mom and pop shops. 

So, what's the best way to experience a aha moment? (and possibly launch products that stand out?)

There are 3 behaviors that helps discover new opportunities in market.

These behaviors are:

  • To question

  • To watch

  • To experiment

These behaviors are especially useful if you have been working in the same market for years. They will allow you to approach your prospects from a new angle. We will detail these behaviors in a future article.

Remember, the key is to keep an open mind and be surprised by the behavior, the reaction or the (alternate) use of your product or service.


Patrick Sirois