How can Triode help me understand my market needs?

Triode allows you to evaluate your strenghts, and understand the competitive environment and emerging trends. A market starts with a customer purchasing your products or services. That is why your clients are our central focus. We are generators of ideas. We put creativity and professionalism at the forefront and help you deploy profitable solutions.

How can I improve the performance of my product launches?

First of all, the success of your product development is based on a customer who is willing to pay. No one but the customer is best positioned to state the strenghts and weaknesses of the products that he or she uses. Hence, Triode gets out in the field, listens to the users, understands them and experiences their reality. The information gathered is the fuel for market-driven innovation and creativity, both essential to the development of profitable products and services.

Do you need to know the facts?

Triode provides you with a 90 degree view. Our interventions in various domains, our trend analysis supported by a global network of more than 10,000 individuals allow us to provide you with a real insight!

How do you validate the profitability of your company's projects ideas ?

First and foremost, you must never fall in love with your idea or project. An external and detached viewpoint will help you see more clearly and avoid the "why not's". Analysis should not only include the financial aspect, but also an estimation of the demand and your ability to supply it and to assume the project's risks.