Innovation and agility are "a must" in business these days. Regardless of the industry you are in, innovation is key to success. Why? Because CHANGE is the only constant.

Some of the pitfalls you are probably encountering today are:

• Trying to release big, to cover as many customer features as possible
• Working laboriously on a 3 to 5 years roadmap
• Tracking all changes and debating every decision at gate meetings
• Waiting until you are sure (i.e. until you have all the answers) to launch a new product project
• Talking to your customers once...and delivering a few months (or years!) down the road

This approach doesn't work anymore! It will slow down your innovation process and likely result in the competition getting ahead of you.

Here’s how to change your innovation process to get better results – faster:

• Start talking (engage!) with your customer on a continuous basis
• Take real action based on what you learn with your customers
• Embrace change, it can result in great opportunities
• Build the right product. At Triode, we often say "Products must mean something for someONE"
• Use the right method for the right product (Forget the "wall-to-wall" Stage-Gate process)

Accelerated innovation does not mean you're cutting corners. It just means you are doing more of the right thing and waisting less time. Example of tools to accelerate innovation in the health care industry has already been discussed.

Patrick Sirois

At Triode, we specialize in developing new products and services for complex industries like medical devices and transportation. We work with you closely to help define product strategy, with an emphasis on reducing the risks associated with innovating in these sophisticated and often regulated consumer-oriented environments.