Most business consultants tend to focus on the "how" (i.e. Processes, tools, pratices, etc.). At Triode we try to focus on the "What". What is needed in the market? What if your current customers did not need our product or service anymore?

With a disruptive hypothesis, you don't make a reasonable prediction like "if I charge the battery, the phone will work". Instead, you make an unreasonable provocation. For example: "What if a cell phone didn't need a battery at all?"

The difference between prediction and provocation, has previously said by George Bernard Shaw, is the difference between "seeing things as they are and asking, 'Why?,' or dreaming things as they never were and asking "What if?"

In our fast-changing world, when business certainties are no longer certain, the ability to imagine things as they never were and ask, "What if?," is an essential part of every executive's skill set.

Patrick Sirois

At Triode, we specialize in developing new products and services for complex industries like medical devices and transportation. We work with you closely to help define product strategy, with an emphasis on reducing the risks associated with innovating in these sophisticated and often regulated consumer-oriented environments.