The innovation pathway hides many pitfalls. Here is choice of actions or omissions which will guarantee "The Poor Innovation Management Prize":

  • Do not communicate with employees about innovation objectives, goals, etc.
  • Make clear to staff that innovation is the task of R&D only and everyone else should just ‘work’...and not think!
  • Give R&D even more money! Because they are "creative" they can’t be held to tight deliverables or transparent.
  • Don’t permit ideas to surface because they may threaten the existing business.
  • Close your eyes to the costly habits of "gilding the lily", over- perfection and over-specification, all in the name of "good quality"!
  • Innovation is all about products; not services or processes.
  • Do believe that NIH - the ‘not invented here’ disease - has been cured!
Innovation failure Innovation failure

I hear a lot of complaints from the upper management saying that their employees don't "get it" when it comes to innovation...and yet, most of the time, managers don't promote a culture of innovation (i.e. risk taking) in their organization. They prefer "sure bet" projects with short term returns!

Source: Mindfolio

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