innovation_productHBR has recently published a really interesting post on the potential non-customers is generating innovation in an organization.

Some of the most successful and disruptive innovations stem from a company’s ability to tap into demand from non-customers in its market category. The challenge, of course, is to identify whythese people aren’t customers already. Once you know why potential customers aren’t buying your product, you can develop innovations to make your product more appealing to them.

The key is to segment according to reasons for not buying products in your category.  These typically fall into one of six categories:

- Economic:  People lack access to cash or credit
- Functional:  The product does not help people achieve what they want to achieve
- Educational: People don’t know how to use the product or even what it can do
- Access: People can’t buy the product because it is not readily available to them
- Social: The product doesn’t conform to religious or social norms
- Emotional: The product triggers negative emotions.

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Patrick Sirois